This 2014 research on LED Grow Lights for Agriculture Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020 has 459 pages, 221 tables and figures. LED grow lights are more powerful and efficient than the older generation high-pressure sodium and metal halide bulb grow lights. They lower the electricity bill and produce less heat. Less heat allows putting the light closer to plants, they do not get burned. The quality of light is better for growing with LED specialized grow lights. LED specialized grow lights offer homogenous light distribution. Light distribution at precisely the right wavelengths is made possible. LED light sources offer light distribution for good photosynthetic response. Vendors are able to stimulate plant growth. Flora series LEDs provide accelerated photosynthesis and energy savings.origin from:


A plant factory allows the growing of vegetables indoors all year round using LED lights that minimize power consumption. It is a system that artificially creates the environment necessary for plants to grow by controlling the amount of culture solution, air, and light from light-emitting diodes (LED). Because the amount of light, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration levels can be optimized without being affected by the weather, the growth rate of vegetables is two to four times faster than those grown in open-air fields, and yields are ten to twenty times higher.


Companies profiled in Grow Lights for Agriculture Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020 report include Advanced Lighting Technologies, Black Dog LED, Daystar, Delta Group, Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd., General Electric (GE), General Hydroponics, Genesis Photonics (GPI), Hon Hai, Hydrofarm, Iwasaki Electric, Nihon Advanced Agri Corporation, Ozu Corporation? Philips Horticulture Lamps, Rockwool? Group, Rambridge, Ringdale ActiveLED?, Siemens, SolarMax, Sunleaves Garden Products, Sunlight Supply, Taiwan Floriculture Exports Association and USALight.,ledaquagrow.